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Our handcrafted self-education software called “Q” empowers you to implement more from inspiration than you ever thought possible.

šŸŒ± Setup your library

To get started, click on The webapp is free for unlimited offline entries and you can easily import and export your data anytime to use it on other devices.

You can even add Q as app on your tablet or phone if you use the latest Firefox or Chrome.

šŸ˜ Let’s populate your database

Let’s start with your first entry! You can use our distraction-free search engine for every topic, ffor example a video about “flow state”. Copy the link and title to add it to your library.

āš” Learn more effectively

Learned something valuable you don’t want to forget? Add notes after reading, listening or watching to earn points, learn more effectively and track your progress.

You’ll also easily recognize your best videos, podcasts or books by the amount of points.

That’s all you need to get started: A simple webapp, a way to find new inspiration and time.

And if you want to take things further you can always join our self-education community when you have obtained an invitation via us or our partners.

The best of luck on your journey!