How to build an inspiration dojo?

Do you really need mentors?

In the movie Iron Man 2, Tony is faced with a challenge he alone is unable to solve. His miniaturized arc reactor that is powering his Iron Man suite is poisoning his body, causing numerous health problems that begin to take over his life.

After a series of events, Tony has a meeting with Nick Fury, who gives Tony tapes of his father. In Tony’s darkest hour, his father taught him to continue to do what he did best: invent. So he did; he created an entirely new element based on his fathers blueprints that cured his body from toxicity and also made him more powerful than ever before.

You probably can figure things out all on your own. But how long will that take you all by yourself? What if you could get pointed in the right direction by those who know the way?

This is exactly what an inspiration dojo is made for: effectively learning things from your favorite mentors to move you faster to your big dream.

šŸŒ± Setup your inspiration dojo

To get started, click on The webapp is free for unlimited offline entries and you can easily import and export your dojo anytime to use it on other devices.

You can even add the inspiration dojo as app on your tablet or phone if you use the latest Firefox or Chrome.

šŸ˜ Let’s populate your dojo

Let’s start with your first entry! You can use our mentor search engine for every topic, for example a video about “flow state”, and add the title and link to your inspiration dojo.

āš” Learn more effectively

Learned something valuable you don’t want to forget? Add notes after reading, listening or watching to earn points, learn more effectively and track your progress!

You’ll also easily recognize your best guides by the amount of points.

That’s all you need to get started: A simple webapp, a way to find new inspiration and time to learn.

And if you ready to go further, you can always upgrade your dojo, when you join our online super learners tribe.

The best of luck on your journey!